APLACO. JSC Implemented Measures to Prevent & Control The Acute Respiratory Infections Caused by the Corona Virus (nCoV)

     Facing complicated situations regarding the nCoV pandemic, in order to strengthen disease prevention measures to counteract the infiltration and spread of the epidemic, as well as coming up with the most effective active response, on February 8 & 9, 2020, Aviation High Grade Plastic JSC sprayed the campus, company headquarters and manufacturing workshops with Chloramine B to disinfect and prevent the Corona virus. Head of the Company, General Manager, head of Steering Committee for Rapid Response and Corona virus (nCoV) Prevention at Aviation High Grade Plastic JSC, Dr. Le Sy Canh directly commanded and supervised the spraying of disinfectant and inspected the preparation and prevention of the epidemic at 200 Nguyen Son St., Bo De Ward, Long Bien District, Hanoi.

     Beforehand, as soon as information about the nCoV disease started to appear and spread throughout media platforms, the Board of Director of the company, with members of the Organization & Administration, Planning, Marketing, Quality Assurance & Accounting departments had issued the decision to form the Steering Committee for Rapid Response and Corona virus (nCoV) Prevention at Aviation High Grade Plastic JSC,

     The Steering Committee and Rapid Response team conducted an emergency meeting and came up with the plan to adapt to situations regarding the pandemic with preventive measures such as:
     – Issued a notice about prevention against the epidemic of acute respiratory infections caused by the Corona virus (nCoV)
     – Created a Rapid Response team and medic room hotline to receive information.
     – Surveyed all staffs, employees and workers about their health condition and possible contact with the infected or traveling to infected areas during the Lunar New Year break in order to prevent the Corona virus.
     – Medical equipment: The company actively equipped hand sanitizers and disinfecting soap around restrooms and across hallways, cafeteria and security gate. Face masks are provided for security guards and all staffs, employees, workers and business guests coming to the company.
     – Communication and information aspects has been proactively and quickly implemented by the company, taken from accurate sources from the Ministry of Health, official press agencies of the Party and State through the nCoV disease prevention section on the web portal, official website and fanpage of the company. Actively design graphic products, posters on disease prevention as well as the correct way to wear masks… on the company message board, cafeteria and factories.

Some images of the spraying of Chloramine B antiseptic to prevent Corona virus at the company headquarter and production workshops on February 8th, 2020.

Guidance infographic posters on the company board

Spraying of the workshop area

Spraying of the office area

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