Aplaco ,.jsc sprayed Cloramin B to disinfect corona virus around the whole company and production workshops

the complicated situation of the nCoV infections, in order to strengthen
disease prevention measures to prevent the intrusion and spread of epidemics,
proactively responding most effectively, Aviation High Grade Plastic Joint
Stock Company (Aplaco) sprayed Cloramin B to disinfect corona virus around the
whole company and production workshops on 2 days of 08 and 09 Feb 2020,.

leader, general manager, Doctor Le Sy Canh, the head of the corona virus rapid
response team (nCoV) directly directed and supervised the spraying of
disinfectants as well as checking the preparation and prevention of diseases at
Aplaco, 200 Nguyen Son, Bo De Ward, Long Bien District, Hanoi City.

as soon as the information about the nCoV epidemic was widely reported in the
media, the company’s leaders issued Decisions to establish the Steering
Committee and corona virus rapid response team (nCoV) on 31 Jan 2020 at Aplaco
including members of the administrative organization, planning and marketing
departments. , quality department, accounting department, …

Steering Committee and the Quick Response Team met urgently and planned to
respond to the epidemic situation with such activities as

 Issue a notice of prevention of acute
respiratory infections caused by Corona virus (nCoV)

 Set up a hotline of the Rapid Response Team
and the health department at the company to receive information

 Conducting a survey of all officers and
employees about their health status and considering whether they had contact
with sick people or moved to the affected areas during Tet holiday to serve the
prevention of acute respiratory disease caused by corona virus (nCoV)

 Medical equipment: The company proactively
equips hand sanitizer, antibacterial soap to the toilets and along the
corridors, kitchen and security gate. Equipping masks to distribute to guards
and all officers, workers and visitors coming to work.

 In terms of information, propaganda and
communication, the company has been proactively and quickly carrying out
official activities from the information of the Ministry of Health, the
official press agencies of the Party and the State through the section of
preventing nCoV acute respiratory infections on the Portal and through the
company’s website, fanpage. Proactively design propaganda products, posters on
disease prevention as well as how to wear the mask correctly, … on the bulletin
board, kitchen and workshops.

pictures of conducting spraying disinfectant Cloramin B anti corona virus at
the headquarter of the company and workshops on February 8, 2020

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