APLACO’s Machineries, Equipment and Technologies

     APLACO currently possess modern technological equipment lines from countries with advanced industries such as United States, Germany, Italy, Japan, Taiwan. The following are some of APLACO’s key technologies:

  1. Injection molding technology:
  • High speed injection molding equipment with injecting speed up of up to 800mm/s & pressing force of 250 tons imported synchronously from Germany, capable of producing various products of up to 0.4mm in thinness.
  • Two color products molding injection equipment from SANDRETTO – Italy with injecting speed of up to 700mm/s, pressing force of 250 tons is designed completely in sync and fully automatic, producing high quality two-colored products.
  • High precision injection molding equipment with cylindrical mold secure system synchronously imported from MEIKI – Japan with injecting speed if of up to 400mm/s, pressing force of 100-200 tons, specialized in producing highly technically required products such as components used in electronics, car & motorbike manufacturing industries.
  • APLACO also possess injection molding equipment capable of producing from 100-850 tons of pressing force synchronously imported from Taiwan.


  1. Vacuum technology:
  • With the fully automated machining area size of up to 1200 x 800mm, this technology was synchronously imported and produced electronic component trays, food packaging products and packaging types used in various industries.


  1. Thermoforming & lamination technology line:
  • This line is imported synchronously, self-contained, and completely automatic from MEAF – Dutch.
  • Lamination technology: This device produced high quality PP, PS membrane products used for industrial and home appliances with high output, with length ranged from 0.2-2mm.
  • Thermoforming technology: This equipment has produced packaging products and component trays from PS & PVC membrane with high precision used in electronics, car, motorbike, and food industries.


  1. Thin LDPE, HDPE membrane blowing, cutting and printing technology:

     This fully automatic PE bag & packaging blowing, cutting and printing production line was synchronously imported and produced high quality PE packaging with thickness ranging from 0.05 – 0.15mm with high yield.


  1. 6 color offset printing technology in circular plastic products:

     This fully automatic and self-contained technology was synchronously imported from DESCO – USA to produce high quality printed products in 6 different colors with high yield.


  1. Aluminum tray pressing technology:

     This fully automated, self-contained technology was synchronously imported from ROTOMAC – Italy to produce high quality aluminum can products with thickness ranging from 0.07-0.1mm, used in food industry with high yield.


  1. Fragrant towel producing technology:

     The fully automated fragrant towel production line was synchronously imported from Taiwan to produce high quality wet towel products in high yield.


  1. Mold design and produce.
  • With a design system backed by high-speed computers and flexible CAD, CAE, CAM, CNC solution, we design and produce high accuracy products, ensuring even the most stringent technical requirements.
  • CNC machining center and electric pulse machine are synchronously imported from Germany, Japan, Russia & Taiwan to ensure high precision machining of molds.
  • APLACO also possess specialized equipment imported from the US and EU to verify mechanical properties of plastic products after production such as elasticity and compression.

With these advanced production equipment and technologies, APLACO is proud to be one of Vietnam’s leaders in the plastic manufacturing industry and being a key strategic partner with many major companies and corporations in various industries.

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